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Church disfunction related to faulty structure?

Submitted: 12/11/2004
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Question: I am beginning to believe that the disfunction in our churches (lack of healing, lack of spiritual growth and the lack of evangelism) is directly related to the fact that we chose to follow our own pattern for Church structure and not God's. Do you share in this opinion? Please elaborate on your stand?

Answer: We do believe that the lack of spiritual depth and the absence of miraculous power in many assemblies is largely attributable to the unbiblical practices and structures being employed. This is the underlying thesis for much of the material posted on this website (especially our book The Glorious Church).

We are convinced that if we build God's house according to the pattern He has shown us in the Scriptures, He will fill the house with His glory. Unfortunately, traditions long held to do not easily give way to the resurgence of biblical truth. Please keep us in your prayers.