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Why keep silencing women?

Submitted: 12/29/2008
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Question: Do you feel that due to men feeling that women must be taught in this day and age after bringing us through womens liberation, education, training and domestic violence rights, and since the church is still being written, isn't it time to stop silencing women? If spirits are neither male nor female and neither are angels, then when you see a woman, shouldn't you see her inner man and not a dumb woman who needs to be taught? I am sure God didn't bring women this far to continue to treat women like chickens with no heads. Don't worry brothers, you'll still be in charge but God hasn't allowed women to be educated, trained and in charge of things because there are laws to protect us now and we will no longer be murdered because we spoke up or gave an opionion. When that which is perfect is come, when you all get rid of your biases toward women. Does this not make the fautly structure that is spoken of or part of it anyhow. You make me feel like my rights are taken away and in order for you to teach, the women has to be meek and submissive, not because she is dumb but because man is big headed and unable to be submissive, understanding and meek himself.

Answer: We agree that many churches continue to treat women as though they are inferior. We strongly believe that women have a legitimate role to play in the church. For more on this subject, please read our article called 'The Role of Women in the Local Assembly' found on Shelf 4 of the Apostolic Free Library on this website.