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My take on tithes

Submitted: 12/3/2004
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Question: Just a comment on New Testament Tithing. As a young Christian troubled with this question of tithing when we are no longer under the law, I prayed to God and He gave me the following answer. 'If you were Abraham's children you would do the works of Abraham.' This led me to make more sense of Hebrews 7. I also woke up one morning with 'Can a man rob God?'. Of course tithing is a kingdom principle of giving. God doesn't just want a tenth from us, He wants all of us 'present yourself a living sacrifice'. Tithing should be given 'not of necessity' but from the heart, only an unregenerated heart would begrudge giving back to God what belongs to Him in any case. A regenerated heart would consider a tenth the least he should give not the amount. I don't think people mind tithing, I think its tithing and being ignored by the church - that was my experience, I felt like it was just pay your money and go, we couldn't care less whether you perish but don't forget your tithes! God bless and keep up the good work.

Answer: Thank you for sharing your perspective.