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How do you think God feels about these?

Submitted: 1/4/2007
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Question: Some churches teach that Easter and Christmas are paganism and others don't. Do you think God is okay with it since He didn't tell us to keep these celebration? Aren't these traditions of men and totally go against the practice in tradition (Matt 15:9 & Mark 7:9)?

Answer: It is true that neither Easter nor Christmas have any basis in the Scriptures. Neither does the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving. They are, as you say, traditions--particularly American traditions. We do not believe that any day of the year is especially sacred; therefore, we do not believe that any of the holidays have any special spiritual significance. Each is just another day of the year. Having said that, we do not believe it is inherently anti-God to set off firecrackers on the Fourth, to sit down to turkey on Thanksgiving, to give gifts to our loved ones on Christmas, or to emphasize the resurrection of Jesus on Easter. Our assembly finds that these are excellent opportunities to evangelize. The spiritual problems arise when these days, or any others, are sacramentalized; that is, given special spiritual significance. We believe that as long as they are simply regarded as traditional American holidays, God really doesn't care. Of course, He is opposed to over-indulgence and running up unnecessary debt. And we do recommend that parents keep Santa and the Easter Bunny out of it.