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How can jail birds continue to be ministers?

Submitted: 12/31/2006
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Question: Why do 'Pastors' allow someone on the ministry board who commits fraud to the congregation and never ask them to forgive them, files bankrupcy and spends time in jail on two occasions, stay as a leader on the platform, and acts as if nothing is wrong or nobody sees? Is it ok because he is a 'servant' of God? Or is it because he is the 'Pastors' son? Will Jesus treat us and act Himself this way? Why do some of you 'Pastors' believe you are above God Almighty Himself? If I am wrong or out of line for asking these questions, then that is something I have to answer to God for, as will those who bring on the questions.

Answer: You are not wrong for raising the question. We believe people ought to question things that have the appearance of impropriety. We wonder if you have asked the parties involved and what they had to say. We would be interested in knowing how they explain these actions. We have no directly knowledge of the situation you have described, so we cannot comment on it in any authoritative way. All we know if what you have told us. We do suggest that you be careful to keep your heart right before the Lord. Don't allow the ungodly actions of some to cause you to become offended and lose out with God. It isn't worth. Not all churches are the same. We encourage you to search out an assembly where you can have confidence in the integrity of the leaders.