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Did Jesus teach tithing?

Submitted: 12/22/2006
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Question: The new covenant was not established until the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. Then the day of Pentecost ushered in the new covenant. Until then the law of Moses was the law to live by. That's why Jesus told the man he healed with leprosy to offer the sacrafice that MOSES commanded to be offered, because even though Jesus was doing things contrary to the law, it was still the law to live by until he ushered in the new covenant with his blood. This is why Jesus told them to continue tithing and following the law of Moses in Matthew 23:23.

Answer: Thank you for sharing your perspective. Of course, just because Pentecost happened, that does not mean every element of the law was suddenly made obsolete. Jesus came to fulfill the ceremonial aspects of the law which looked ahead to His coming. But the moral law continued in effect.

We submit that because the tithe principle preceded the law of Moses, it was therefore not done away with just because the Spirit was now available. We do not see tithing as a matter of law, but of faith. It is one of the surest ways of showing God that you trust Him completely to provide for you and your family. I have faithfully brought my tithes and financial offerings into the storehouse for twenty-five years now and the Lord has blessed me in ever conceivable way.