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I believe women may wear pants.

Submitted: 12/4/2006
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Question: The answer given to this question gives no clear insight why a woman could not wear pants. In fact, the text does not mention pants which means to infer that is eisegesis - bringing the meaning to the text instead of exegesis - drawing the meaning from the text. The truth is, the only way to draw true meaning from a text is not just from reading the words but doing a historical, cultural, and contextual analysis. In doing this you will first note that there were no pants, so they couldn't have been talking about pants in the text. Outside of this, there are many laws, statutes, and commands that the OT speaks of as God called Israel to be his people and wanted them to be separated. The beautiful thing is that we are under grace and not under the law thanks to the transforming power of the Holy Spirt (The 3rd person in the God head). We don't need laws. Because of a relationship with God and him dwelling within us, we don't have to see a bunch of laws to decide how we are to act as christians. His word through revelation of His Spirit, His voice, and prayer all speak to us and tell us when we are honoring him or not. My wife looks wonderful in pants, she moves in the power of the spirit, and God has not shown us that she is wrong for wearing them and never will. We must look at things in their context and question manmade interpretations sometimes to get to the truth.

Answer: We appreciate your taking time to respond to this question, but we could not disagree with you more, as we have explained many times on this Q and A board. We also do not agree that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity. But thanks for sharing your thoughts.