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What about the Geneva Bible?

Submitted: 11/30/2006
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Question: I am wondering why there is not more use of the 1599 Geneva Bible? This is the Bible the church reformers were persecuted for printing. It contains the footnotes of these reformers. King James had all the footnotes removed because they told the truth about the Catholic Church. It is also the Bible the pilgrims brought over with them. What is your opinion?

Answer: First of all, King James was a die-hard Protestant, so I don't know why he would try to protect the Catholic Church. In addition, the English language of 1599 is so far removed from the English we speak today that most Americans would have a very difficult time understanding it. The Geneva Bible was used as sort of a starting point by the King James translators. But we think the New King James Version is the best for English-speaking people today. We certainly admire those who gave their lives so that the English-speaking world could read the Bible. But we are not convinced that the Geneva Bible would contribute much to our understanding of God today.