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Do you agree with the New Church Order?

Submitted: 11/27/2006
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Question: I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the web-site newchurchorder.com exploring the deeper life?

Answer: Having looked over the New Church Order website, we can say that we found many areas where stand in total agreement. We did, however, find it to be lacking in some of the structural areas that we believe to be important. For example, I did a word search on 'elders' and 'elderships' and found no references. There were only four references to 'leader' and five to 'pastor.' Just because the old wineskins can no longer hold the wine does not mean we don't need any wineskins at all. We support the idea of Spirit-led, Spirit-empowered ministry, but we contend that God has always functioned among man by means of an earthly dwelling place and that His dwelling places always had a specific stucture; therefore, we are slow to toss our hat in the ring with any movement that does not clearly share that value.