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What do you think of Homestead Heritage Community?

Submitted: 10/24/2006
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Question: What is your view of Homestead Heritage Christian Community in Waco, Texas? Do you think Christians should all live together in a community type setting and only allow others in that live the way they do? Do you know of any other community type groups that have been successful over a period of years? I have mixed feelings on this because I would like to live on a homestead with other believers but am cautious of a very controlling situation being created. Communities can sometimes start out to be wonderful and then over years turn into something very undesireable. They do have elders and other similar beliefs so I figured you probably new about this place. Thanks, Linda

Answer: Our understanding is that some of the people connected with Homestead Heritage Community live on the grounds and others live in the local community. We do not know enough about Homestead to make a fair evaluation.

We are not aware of any other Christian community-type groups that are either doing well or having problems. It is not something we have focused on. Sorry we can't be more helpful.