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I say that hair is not a covering?

Submitted: 10/13/2006
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Question: Firstly I would like to say that as Apostolic truth bearers we are not here to call each other names or commit this website to hell, even if in the same local assembly people have different interpretations. Jesus never said beat someone with a stick till they see it your way. We are meant to pray for each other and entreat one another for the edifying of the church. I do believe that the scripture talks about a veil or another covering. Why? Because no women can remove their hair after praying and prophesy, and no man could have any hair on his head during prayer and prohesy if the hair was what Paul was instructing the Corinthians at that time. This does not mean that women should cut their hair. It just means as a sign of submission when praying her hair must be covered. God bless

Answer: Thank you for sharing your view and we appreciate your exhortation for mutual encouragement in the body. We do, however, disagree with your conclusions about head coverings. Paul wrote that a woman's hair is given to her for a covering (1 Corinthians 11:15). We believe that the hair is the veil and a cloth veil is not necessary.