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Are women required to wear veils?

Submitted: 10/10/2006
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Question: I was in a church where a visiting preacher was preaching that the woman should wear a veil when she prays etc. Yet the New Testament says that when we come to God the veil is torn. Also, The Bible says our hair was given to us as a covering. Also, he used the Amish and Muslim women as examples regarding veils. Yet they are oppressed women. How is it they think a veil is something God cannot see through? Where in the Bible does it say ...and the veil should be worn by the women as a covering when they pray? Isn't this more of a religious issue?

Answer: We believe that women have been given their hair as a veil and do not need to wear a cloth veil as the Amish and Moslem women do. There is no place in the Bible that instructs Christian women to wear a cloth veil. Please see our answer on this subject dated 2/16/07.