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What's the big deal about skirts anyway?

Submitted: 10/10/2006
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Question: I get asked every now and then why I wear skirts...what does it matter? I was asked that tonight by a friend, she said 'you wear skirts all the time now, I never really understood the reason behind that' and my answer was 'yes, I do, it's about my personal conviction' and i left it at that...it's the truth, it is a personal conviction with me, but also I wear skirts because I happen to like them. Would I ever ask someone 'why do you wear tight pants and those short shorts'? Of course I wouldnt, that would be rude. I wish I had answered her this way...'next time you go out in a public place and go to the restroom, pretend you cant read and see if you can tell the womens restroom door from the men's. We all know the universal sign for women is a woman with a dress on and the sign for a man is a man with pants on. Think of how confusing it would be if all restroom signs looked alike, how would we tell which restroom would be for the woman and which would be for the man?'

Answer: We appreciate your commitment to dressing in a modest way that glorifies the Lord. We do, however, sense that you are being overly sensitive about this. We think you should consider it a compliment when people ask about why you dress as you do. Give them a courteous answer as you have and don't feel compelled to prove your point. Most people are just curious because the way you are dressing is so unusual today. We encourage you to seize these opportunities to witness for the Lord. That is the whole purpose of holiness, to be a witness!