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What do apostolic churches believe about divorce?

Submitted: 10/6/2006
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Question: I'm not Apostolic, but have been looking into it for some time. I see that you have a lot of great advice and wisdom from the Bible. I have a question and was looking for what you had to say. I was 17 years old and my parents convinced me to get married so that I was not 'shacking up' with my boyfriend who I was moving with due to him going to college in a different state. This one I was to marry had made a promise that he'd be there for me in one of the most truely desperate times of my life. He broke my trust when he betrayed me and was not there. I went to my male bestfriend who WAS there for me and I regretfully ended up technically cheating on my fiance. However, we were already far into wedding plans and I was afraid to tell anyone or to stop the plans. My finace and I ended up married. We moved and nothing went right. He didn't go to college like he was suppose to nor did he work like he said that he would. He really didn't even work. We ended up coming back to the home state and seperating. A few months later we got back together and tried working things out. While we were trying to work things out, I had conceived ironically on our first wedding anniversary. With this unknown, he left me for another girl. I let him know as soon as I found out and 4 months later he still wants nothing to do with me or the baby, just this new girl. I have tried to do EVERYTHING in my power to work our marriage out but it is impossible. I have prayed and I still don't see anything coming out of the marriage. I am in the middle of getting a divorce. Now, if I was Apostolic, what would their expectations of me be? Would they expect me to never marry again? What about my child? Any information would help. Thanks.

Answer: There is no definitive answer to your question. We feel very bad about your situation and wish it could work out differently. We cannot say what you would find if you began attending an apostolic assembly. The views on your situation vary widely from church to church. In general, we are opposed to divorce, but some are not as opposed as others. We would suggest two things: 1) Be upfront and ask the leaders of the assembly what their position is; 2) Don't let you marital situation keep you from obeying the gospel and living for God with all you heart. There is only one way to be saved and the consequences of failing to be saved that way are unthinkable.