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The Truth: Who is right?

Submitted: 11/3/2004
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Question: How can the scriptures be denied when it clearly states that there are three that bear witness in heaven and these three are one. The bible even states that great are the mysteries of God. How can people cast judgement on others and condemn them because they believe differently, yet they live sanctified lives. I want to know who decided which was wrong or right, because each new denomination or sect is a spin-off of disenfranchised people who start new churches adding more to the confusion.

Answer: Not every assembly is a 'spin-off' as you say. Some are founded upon the teachings and practices of the apostles alone.

We cannot say why some people judge and condemn others. We are certainly not aganist people, and we respect each individual's right to believe as he or she chooses. Yet having said that, we also have the right to believe as we choose and to publish and dicuss our beliefs on our website.

We value your participation and hope you will continue.