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How should a Christian man ask out a Christian woman?

Submitted: 8/15/2006
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Question: I know I am not old enough to be worried about marriage, but how should a man in the church ask a women out on a date. Or in easier words, what are the steps leading up to marriage? How should a man approach a lady that he likes?

Answer: There are a variety of answers to this question depending on the ages of the people and the circumstances. In general, a Christian man and women usually get acquainted at church services and functions. They may go out together with other friends. They should avoid spending time together alone so as not to create unnecessary temptations. If they feel that they want to get married, they should discuss this with parents and pastoral leaders. They should also undergo a lengthy time of premarriage counseling with the express purpose of bringing up in advance issues that will inevitably come up after the marriage has occurred.

For Christians, marriage is a lifetime commitment. There is no out. Divorce is not an option. For this reason, it should not be entered into causally but with all seriousness and preparation. Marriage is for two adults, not two children or one adult and one child. The decision as to who you will marry is the most important decision of your life.