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Should I remain silent?

Submitted: 8/3/2006
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Question: I work at a position where there really is no one around to babysit. At times my co-workers speak of religion, such as today. My co worker and a supervisor who avoids me are gay. Today when I came in my co worker stated ' I need Jesus.' and the other person laughs He is Jehovas witness. She said 'you know how sometimes you just feel like you need Jesus.' I was thinking Lord should I respond or stay quiet. In any case, I waited until one of them left and resonded to my co worker who claimed to need Jesus. Should I have remained silent?

Answer: We would say that you did the right thing. When someone says, 'I need Jesus,' that is usually an open door. It is important that when a door opens, God's people be ready to walk through. Sounds like you did exactly what the Lord would have done. Keep being a witness for Jesus!