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How do I speak in tongues after I have received the Holy Spirit?

Submitted: 7/29/2006
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Question: I received the Holy Spirit in April and am living an apostolic life, which I very much enjoy. However, I haven't spoken in tongues since I received the Holy Spirit. Is this normal? I have prayed and felt the presence of God, and have verbally prayed and wept, but haven't spoken in tongues. I just wondered if there is a way to 'learn' how to use speaking in tongues after receiving the Holy Spirit? If not, does everyone speak in tongues after they have the Holy Spirit?

Answer: We believe that everyone who receives the gift of the Holy Spirit speaks in tongues. This is the biblical way of knowing you have received the Spirit. We also believe that every Spirit-filled believer should be able to speak in tongues as a part of their ministry in prayer. To be able to pray in tongues at any time you choose requires a complete yieldness to the Spirit. We suggest that you ask others to pray for you that God would help you to yield to Him with no reservations. Jesus said, 'Ask and you shall receive.' Just keep asking until it happens. We assure you, it will happen.

We are glad that you are enjoying your new life in the Spirit and pray that you will continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus.