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How should a New Testamant church be funded?

Submitted: 7/24/2006
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Question: How should a bibically correct New Testament church (apostolic) be funded? How should tithes and offerings be handled?

Answer: We believe God's plan for funding an established New Testament assembly is the free-will tithes and offerings of the members. During the start-up time when an assembly is being establshed, funding should come from the free-will offerings of believers outside the assembly.

We believe tithes are principally for the support of people (leaders, speakers for outside the assembly, helpers, etc.) whereas offerings are principally for material things (buildings, equipment, etc.). All funds should be deposited in an account of the assembly and dispersed responsibly with full accountability.

For further information on this subject, please read our articles titled 'The New Testament Tithe' (Shelf 4) and 'Questions About Our Leadership (Shelf 3). Both can be found in the Apostolic Free Library.