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Question about a weird doll?

Submitted: 6/21/2006
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Question: A very good friend of mine had a vodoo doll or just a weird doll that we shouldn't have. I took it away from her and later threw it away. Did I do the right thing?

Answer: It sounds to us as though you have trampled on your friend's boundaries. First of all, you have judged that this doll is something that 'we shouldn't have.' Whose doll was it, yours or hers? Second, assuming the doll actually belonged to your friend, to simply take something that does not belong to you and throw it way is stealing, even if in your opinion it was something your friend should not have had. We suggest that in the future you show your friends enough respect to discuss these kinds of matters in an adult way and then be respectful of their decisions concerning their own property. You probably owe your friend an apology.