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Why so many barren women?

Submitted: 6/18/2006
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Question: Greetings, why were there so many women in the Bible who were barren? Was our Lord angry with these women? There is always a reason why our Lord does things. Is there anything in the Bible that tells why these women like Sarah, Hannah, Peninah, Rachel,were barre? There seem to be more barren women than men in the Bible. What does the Spirit of the Lord tell you concerning this matter? Do you also have scriptures to back up the reasons why so many barren women in the Bible? Thank you. I'm glad that your church doesn't think women are second class saints. God speed.

Answer: The people we read about in the Old Testament are intended to serve as illustrations of certain New Testament realities. The Old Testament is the shadow, the New Testament the substance. The women you mentioned were indeed barren, yet ended up having babies by the miraculaous intervention of God. That doesn't sound like a God who was angry with them. The underlying reason why these women are mentioned in the Bible is because they all represent miraculous conceptions. This is intended to point toward the ultimate miraculous conception in the womb of Mary. Of course, the conception of Jesus Christ was of a different character than those in the Old Testament. But the substance is always more powerful than the shadows.