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Why was Jesus baptized?

Submitted: 6/2/2006
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Question: Being God, why did Jesus have to be baptized? And in what name?

Answer: In John 1:31, John the Baptist said that Jesus came to him to be baptized 'that He should be revealed to Israel.' Jesus Himself said that the reason He needed to be baptized was to 'fulfill all righteousness' (Matthew 3:15). We also believe He was baptized to serve as an example to us and to foreshadow His own death, burial, and resurrection. Keep in mind that Jesus was baptized as part of His work as our redeemer. He was in the flesh when He was baptized.

We can definitely say that He was NOT baptized for the forgiveness of sins, which is why the rest of us need to be baptized. As to what name was called, if any, the Bible does not tell us.