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Who is my head?

Submitted: 4/30/2006
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Question: If I am not married (with 4 children from a failed realtionship), then who is my head?

Answer: We would suggest that you look for a very solid and stable family in your assembly where the husband is clearly functioning as the head of his home and the wife is in proper submission. It will also be necessary that this couple have a very strong and secure marriage. We then suggest that you sit down with this couple, set your situation before them, and ask if the husband would be willing to provide some headship guidance to you. This guidance should be on-going and should always be provided with the wife or someone else present. Perhaps a leader in your assembly could provide this help for you. You will then need to submit yourself to this man and trust his judgment. You must be careful not to ever allow yourself to be in a potentially compromising situation with this man. If his counsel and guidance could come to you in a small group setting such as a regular home group meeting, that would be even better. Then the entire group could help you in this area. It is very important for you that you pursue this as soon as possible.