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Apostolic wives

Submitted: 10/13/2004
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Question: In some apostolic circles, there are pastors who seem to encourage men to rule their wives' every breath. Wouldnít a wife be more willing to submit to her husband if she felt loved and secure in her marriage? Forced submission isnít true submission, is it?

Answer: What you describe does happen among some apostolics, though it is certainly not limited to apostolics. Throughout the centuries countless men have misused Paulís teachings to their seeming advantage. But rather than providing a biblical basis for male domination, Paulís teachings form the biblical basis for love and liberty.

There is no question that God intends the man to be the head of his wife. The issue concerns how headship operates. Please see our article titled The Headship of Jesus in the Apostolic Free Library on Shelf 4. Leadership and Authority. This article describes the true biblical nature of headship. You might also look at our article titled The Fatherís Role in Home Education found on Shelf 7. Parenting and Home Education.

I have found that most women will gladly submit to the leadership of their husbands when they are treated lovingly and respectfully. We ought to keep in mind that before Jesus required us to submit to Him as the Head of the Church, He first loved us and gave Himself for us.