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Doesn't my convert have to have a convert?

Submitted: 4/20/2006
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Question: The teaching that without at least one convert, you aren't saved doesn't make any sense. Doesn't your convert have to have at least one convert of his own before HE'S saved, thus making YOU saved? .... No, wait. He's not really saved until his CONVERT get's saved by bringing in a convert...... But people teach that your convert is your fruit, or your talent. I've heard it many, many times in Oneness churches. 'Without that one local, documented convert, you aren't saved yet.' That scares people to death when they can't force someone to get baptised, etc. It's a very damaging and defeating teaching out there. People get frustrated and give up. They keep trying to 'get saved' by bringing people to church. Acts 2:38 PLUS at least one convert.

Answer: Your logic is unassailable. Under the system you have described, it is impossible for anyone to be saved. No, we are not saved by making a convert; we are saved by the blood through the new birth. Whatever fruit we bear is the result of our salvation, not the basis of it.