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Questions about having children?

Submitted: 4/11/2006
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Question: Having children is a blessing, but having them too fast puts a strain on a woman's body. She should wait at least two to three years between each child. This gives her time to heal, to bond, and to teach that child godly ways before that child goes off to school. Personally, I do not like public school. But if the apostolic churches would open up a school, my child would be in it. Also consider the number of children you are able to have, consider job. He had ten children, but he was rich. Sometimes pastors preach having more children but they fail to realize that a man has to work to properly take care of them and I mean their needs. It is not good for a man to work two jobs for it will weaken him down spiritually. And the woman has to be in good physical, emotional health to properly raise children that will grow up godly. I am not saying to not have any. Have children, but space them and let the Lord lead you on how many. It is ironic that pastors tell folks to have a lot of kids and they themselves have only a few and no more. Why I know, I have ten children.

Answer: Thank you for your comments. You have made a number of assertions that we completely disagree with. For example, having two jobs may not necessarily weaken a man spiritually. You may have observed this, but that does not justify applying your observation to all men. You have also suggested that mothers should not have more children until the ones they have are ready to go off to school. We do not believe that turning Christian children over to government educators or other adults, Christian or not,is God's plan. We believe that God expects parents to educate their children. As time goes by, the older children can help with the younger ones.

We have known quite a few families with 6 to 12 children and have never known God to fail to provide for every one of them.

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