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Why am I crying?

Submitted: 4/3/2006
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Question: Why am I always in tears when I am praying? I feel like that song ♫You ainít nothing but a hound dog, just crying all the time.♫ I can't stand myself for that. I feel like the freak of the world and then I think the folks in church think the same thing of me. I am usually praying about social issues I am having. I don't automatically love my neighbor and I don't have an original concern for my cell. I speak in tongues but I question if it is me or the real thing. I actually was filled with the Spirit but it was nothing like when I am praying and speaking in tongues. On the day I really stongly and uncontrollably felt the Holy Spirit of God I knew the difference. And you know I read your book and felt yep that sounds like me and many folks I know. But what I cannot figure out is whom did I not forgive? And why do I have so many issues now that I am trying to serve God. It seems like nothing was apparent before I came back to trying to serve God.

Answer: Your issues have been there all the time; it's just that whenever a person begins to make a real effort to serve the Lord, all of these things suddenly come to the surface. On top of that, the adversary attacks and does his best to magnify your shorcomings and discourage you from living for God. But we have a Savior who is powerful and good. If we walk with Him in sincerity and truth, we can count on Him to get us through. Remember, you do not have to overcome all your issues to make it into glory; you only have to keep holding onto Jesus. We are saved by Him, not by our perfection.

We suggest you seek out a small group experience where you can connect with others on a regular basis to work on your issues together. We pray that the Lord provide this for you.