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Do we have to speak in tongues?

Submitted: 3/19/2006
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Question: Do you believe a person needs to speak in tongues in order to be saved? I have what I call groanings, and it concerns me that I don't speak clearly like others. Thank you.

Answer: Speaking in tongues as the Spirit gives the utterance is an essential element in obeying/experiencing the gospel of Jesus Christ and will take place as a person receives the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:3-4, Acts 10:46, Acts 19:6). The gospel of Jesus Christ is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and a person obeys/experiences the gospel in repentance (death), water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins (burial), and the baptism of the Holy Spirit (resurrection). If you have any doubt that you have experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit we urge you to pray and ask Jesus to confirm your experience.

Please see the following articles 'What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?' and 'Speaking in Tongues in the Church' in the Apostolic Free Library on the Doctrine shelf.