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Can I control my tithes?

Submitted: 3/19/2006
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Question: I have recently found out that my church is giving to another ministries of which I would choose not to support due to my discernment concerning the leader. I truly believe in giving my 10% to my church, but I don't want part of my tithe to go to this other. Can I tithe to another ministry and still go to my church? Do I leave my church? CONCERNED!

Answer: We believe that tithes go into the storehouse of the local assembly in which we participate. We cannot justify any other recipient. God will not hold you accountable for the mis-management of the funds you give by faith to your assembly. That matter is between the leadership and Jesus. We encourage you to either keep bringing your tithes into the storehouse or find yourself another storehouse where you can have greater confidence in the leadership. The other option would be to share your concerns about this other ministry with your leaders. Perhaps they will stop supporting him and the issue will disappear.