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Necessity of water baptism

Submitted: 10/7/2004
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Question: If someone had just repented and was going to get baptized in Jesus name and got hit by a car, would he go to heaven or hell?

Answer: I presume you mean that the repented person died. So the real question you are asking is, Does a person have to be baptized the Bible way in order to receive eternal life? The answer is yes. I knew a women very well who resisted baptism in the name of Jesus for many years. Finally, she was on her death bed dying of terminal cancer. A friend of mine visited her in the hospital and the women received the Holy Spirit speaking in other tongues. She decided that she did indeed want to be baptized the Bible way. Rather than dying, three weeks later she was released from the hospital. She was immediately baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. She died six months later shouting the victory.

If a person has repented and desires to be baptized, I believe God is big enough and powerful enough to keep that person alive until he or she can be baptized. I once baptized a man in the hospital who died two days later. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Of course, not everyone who has been baptized in the name of Jesus will inherit eternal life, but that is another issue.