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I am a woman preacher.

Submitted: 3/8/2006
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Question: What if the Lord called a woman to preach? Who are we to judge? The letter writer seems to say that a woman can't do anything in the church,period!! God uses who He wants to use. And as far as submitting, this is for married women and their husbands, recognizing the husband as head and respecting him as such. I am a minister and my husband is the pastor of a small congregation. I lead service, do praise service, and sometimes minister. This helps my husband a lot, freeing him to pastor. I don't go over his head. If he wants a certin song sung, I sing it or so forth. And the Lord has richly bless the services. I am glad that Jesus is not like some men and their atitudes against women!

Answer: Thank you for your comments. We would only add that we believe that all Spirit-filled believers are called to preach, not just certain ones.