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Why do you put words in Paul's mouth?

Submitted: 3/7/2006
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Question: Why in your book The Glorious Church do you speak for and put words in Apostle Paul's mouth, instead of writing what he said about pastors and bishops in the Bible?

Answer: We have written extensively about pastors/bishops. Many articles on this subject are available in the Apostolic Free Library on this webiste. The reason we used the interview format was to make our book readable and interesting. We placed the following statement near the beginning of the book: 'What you are about to read is a contemporary interview with Paul, the bondservant and apostle of Jesus Christ. We acknowledge that we have taken a great liberty in presenting our ideas in this manner, running the risk that some may think us presumptuous, putting words in the mouth of the great apostle. We simply ask the reader to accept this interview format as no more than a useful literary device, enabling us to discuss or explain important biblical concepts in an interesting way. If you disagree with any of our points or believe we have put in Paulís mouth ideas he would never have uttered, we respect your views and ask you to bring these ideas to our attention.'