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Should we call anyone Reverend?

Submitted: 3/3/2006
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Question: I am an Apostolic believer and I do not see any biblical grounds for calling any man 'Reverend.' I am strongly in favor of deep respect for all believers that Jesus has ordained to minister but never on the grounds of using a word that is found only once in the Bible and that was directed to the LORD (Psalms 111:19). I do have a calling to work within an eldership and I am working to be placed in His plan to be a part of His Glorious Church (but not fully prepared as prescribed in Timothy to do so yet). But I will never place the title 'Reverened' in front of my name. I believe that no man should do so. I am doing research on this subject and I would be grateful for your understanding on this matter. I do believe fully in one way that we all are called to minister and join togther in unity of faith to minister to the body. As in your book the 'Glorious Church' to have many chosen and proven men 'Elders' to fulfill the wishes of the head 'Jesus Christ.'

Answer: Please see our article titled 'Offices and Titles in the Local Assembly' in the Apostolic Free Library on the Leadership and Authority shelf. Use of the title of Reverend is covered in this study.