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I have various questions???

Submitted: 3/2/2006
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Question: 1. Can you pray back to salvation a reprobate? 2. In the New Testement, what do angels have to do with women covering their heads? 3. Why did God permit men to have more than one wife (Isn't that adultery)? Lastly, what does it mean that a woman shall compass a man in Jeremiah of the Old Testement? Thank You.

Answer: 1. A reprobate is someone who has become so hardened against God that God Himself has given up on that person. This means that there is no longer any hope for that person's salvation.

2. When a woman lives under the headship of her husband, she demonstrates this by covering her head. This is done by not cutting her hair and letting it grow out. The uncut hair is the symbol of her submission to authority. This provides her with divine protection from the spiritual forces of evil. In the books of 1 and 2 Corinthians, angels are mentioned several times and are depicted as evil angels.

3. During the Old Testament days God tolerated divorce and polygamy due to the hardness of men's hearts. He did not permit it; He only tolerated it. But after the Holy Spirit was poured out and men's hearts we softened by the indwelling presence of God, He no longer tolerated these aberrant and ungodly practices among His people.

4. Jeremiah 31:22 says, 'For the LORD has created a new thing in the earth -- A woman shall encompass a man.' There is a wide range of interpretations of this verse, but we believe it refers to the conception of Jesus Christ in the womb of Mary.