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What more can I say to a trinitarian?

Submitted: 2/28/2006
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Question: I believe in Jesus only. What would you say to trinitarians? I have told them that no one got baptised in the titles Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in the Bible. I've told them that all the saints of old were baptised in the name of Jesus only. I've pointed out the fact that the Jewish people are still waiting on one Messiah, not three. Another point is the scriptures Isaiah 9:6; 1 John 5:20; l Timothy 3:16; and many other scriptures. What else could open up their eyes to the truth.

Answer: The Oneness of God in Jesus Christ can only be understood and embraced through divine revelation. If a person's heart is closed, it won't matter how many Scriptures you show him or how well you explain it. The issue is not just the quality of the teaching; it is also the openness of the person's heart.

We suggest that you keep praying for these people and living out your Christian life before them in purity and truth. Share the Word whenever the opportunity presents itself, but there is no point it trying to beat them over the head with it. Give the Holy Spirit time to work on their hearts. You never know wihen they will suddenly open wide.