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What about Matthew 18:15-17?

Submitted: 2/19/2006
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Question: Wouldn't simply obeying and or admonishing others (including leadership) to obey the instructions of Jesus in Matthew 18:15-17 be the most direct solution to biblically and correctly 'marking' people? How might someone most wisely seek to obey these instructions of the Lord in a church group with scripturally unsound leadership and or meeting structure that seems to counter real accountablility, especially for leadership?

Answer: The instructions of Romans 16:17 are directed to believers who have observed other believers who are causing offenses and divisions. It teaches us that we should stay away from such people for our own protection.

Matthew 18 describes a process for redemptive discipline. It would be difficult to put this process into practice where the church is not biblically structured, but we would suggest doing your best to follow the basic principles of the process: 1) meet with the person privately; 2) meet again, this time with one or two others; 3) confront him before the entire assembly (or a designated portion of the assembly). When the ideal is not avaialable, we must do our utmost to come as close as possible.