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Can I put on make-up and wear a swim suit?

Submitted: 2/17/2006
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Question: Is it a sin to wear a little bit of makeup? What are we supposed to wear if we go swimming? Is a bathing suit okay?

Answer: My wife has a very nice bathing suit that covers her entire body down to her calves. It is made of water-resistent material and works really great. She can go swimming and at the same time maintain her modesty. Take a look at www.modest-swimwear.net/ or www.wholesomewear.com/. We are not necessarily recommending these companies, but they will give you some examples of what is available.

As for make-up, why would you want to cover your natural beauty with paint? Usually we paint non-living things such as fenses and houses. But we don't ordinarily paint horses or flowers or trees. This i because they are alive. So why paint your face? Don't think about it as a sin; think about it as a matter of being content with yourself the way God made you. I don't know what you look like, but I know that you are your most beautiful being the way God made you. Think about the term 'make-up.' The very word means something that is unreal, phoney, made up. This is the way of the world, but Jesus loves reality. He is a God of truth. Don't hide the truth about yourself behind a man-made substance that depends on the dis-satisfaction of women for its survival. Godliness with contentment is great gain!