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How do we find a new pastor?

Submitted: 2/8/2006
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Question: How do you search for a new pastor after your pastor resigns due to moral failure? Thank you. Your site is a blessing to the community of faith.

Answer: Your question argues in favor of one of the main points of this webiste: that assemblies should not have only one pastor. When an assembly has multiple pastors, they can keep each other accountable to high standards of propriety and conduct, which lessens the opportunity for moral failure. But even if there should be moral failure, this does not leave the assembly void of pastoral leadership, since there are other men to carry on.

Due to our strong belief in the multi-pastor concept, we do not have an answer to your question other than to suggest that you consult with other assemblies or organizations that may know of men who are available to take on the pastorate at your church. But we encourage your assembly to move toward multi-pastor leadership as soon as possible.