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Can we have home groups in a dangerous area?

Submitted: 2/3/2006
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Question: We live in an area where crime is sky rocketing. There are several violent gangs in our area, robberies, murders, assaults, etc. People do not feel safe nor trust anyone, and the idea of having church in the home here may not go over very well. They'ld be taking incredible risks with their families and possessions. Any ideas concerning this situation? Solutions?

Answer: Since we believe it is the will of God for His people to meet regularly in private homes, we believe that the Lord would watch over anyone wanting to do so. Perhaps the meetings could be held in the afternoon so that people wouldn't have to be out after dark. They could be on Saturdays or Sundays if people are working during the week. Also, the people could travel together in groups so that they wouldn't be alone and therefore less vulnerable to attack.

There is crime everywhere. Frankly, we do not think the people of God should allow the possibility of being the victim of crime to stop them from gathering. Take reasonable precautions, but don't cower in the corner. That is to let the bad guys win.