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Can women be sons of oil?

Submitted: 2/3/2006
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Question: Can women be sons of oil as described in David Huston's book or is this only a ministry for men? If not, where do we fit in?

Answer: The term 'sons of oil' is gender neutral. That means it can apply to a man or a women. Think of it as a ministry rather than a title. A son of oil is a minister of the healing power of the Spirit of God to another person. God works through both men and women. The Note to the Reader says, 'My use of the term 'minister' is meant to be taken in its biblical usage. This book is not just for pastors and others serving in an “official” leadership capacity. I am convinced that all believers are called to the “ministry of reconciliation.” This book is, therefore, for any believer with a sincere desire to be whole and to help others become whole in Jesus Christ. Sincerity alone is not always sufficient, however; I therefore strongly recommend that all ministry function under the oversight of biblically qualified church leaders.'

'The Sons of Oil' is available from Rosh Pinnah Publications or by e-mailing the author at DAHuston@aol.com.