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Who collects the tithes?

Submitted: 1/29/2006
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Question: Were Levite priests the only people able to collect tithes? If so, who in the New Testament church is authorized to collect tithes? Should all of the tithes go to the pastor? Searching for truth.

Answer: We believe that tithing is God's plan for the support of ministry, not a particular minister (i.e. the pastor). In fact, we do not believe established assemblies should have only one pastoral leader but should be led by a team of overseers (see our articles on the Apostolic Church Polity shelf of the Apostolic Free Library).

The Levites were the men who handled the practical matters around the tabernacle/temple. Therefore, whoever handles the practical matters around the local assembly should also handle receiving and depositing the tithes into a church bank account. The overseers of the assembly are responsible for determining how these funds should be spent. They could be used to cover the cost of any kind of ministry, including oversight, teaching, pastoral care, administration, missions, care for the needy, etc.