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Why don't we dedicate children any more?

Submitted: 1/26/2006
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Question: As a child growing up in the church, I witnessed many dedication ceremonies where parents 'promised' their children to God, (even though they already are His). They promised to raise their kids according to the Word and God's will. As an adult with children of my own, I have not seen this done in years. I've asked, but no one seems to know the answer. My oldest who is 9 recieved the Holy Ghost and was baptized a few months ago during a wonderful movement in our Church's youth. I myself have vowed to raise my children for Him, but it doesn't seem to be recognized in the church anymore. Is it not done anymore???

Answer: We do not know anything about how dedications are done in other assemblies. All we know is that we always dedicate children at our assembly. We suggest you speak to the pastoral leadership of your assembly and make a formal request. Would such a request be refused outright? We certainly hope not. Perhaps no one has shown much of an interest in this for a while.

A caution: We think it is unwise to make sweeping judgments about 'all churches' based on what you have observed in a few churches. Just because one or two churches stop doing something is not enough evidence to conclude that the practice has been dropped across the board. Be blessed.