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Comment on why the church is so loud.

Submitted: 1/17/2006
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Question: Comment: True there were 'occasions' of loud praise by vocal and instruments. This should be allowed and should be expected from time to time as God prompts. But the problem we have in the modern-day church is that technology allows us to maginify sound in a small closed environment (not open air) until the insects are dropping out of the air. The guy in the sound booth is under 30 and his job is to keep it as loud as possible without the microphone buzzing. Why? because God likes it loud...didn't it say in Psalms 150 'praise him with loud cymbals' Loud is now our baseline and we don't drop below a certain decibel level...if we did, it would not feel like the Spirit is moving...so we rev the thing up and 'feel' the noise. And the reason we want to 'feel' that noise is: we all grew up on Rock and Roll, and everyone knows Rock and Roll is better the louder you can get it. We have adopted the spirit of the world to stoke us into an experience.

Answer: Thank you for your comments. We tend to agree with your assessment, at least in some assemblies.