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Does the trinity equal three gods?

Submitted: 1/11/2006
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Question: While some trinitarians almost believe the same as Oneness believers (unknown to them), most do not know all the implications of being trinitarian. For example, they ignore that the father of that doctrine, Justin Martyr, wrote that the Father was 'THE FIRST GOD'; that He (the first God) 'assigms the second place to the Logos...and the third place to the Spirit who was said to be borne upon the waters.' Here can be seen that the 'second place' and 'third place' mentioned by Justin are popular in our debates with trinitarian people. Even historian Eusebius, an apostolic pre-catholic bishop about 300 A.D., wrote, 'But now that we have by thirty prophetic quotations in all, learned that our Lord and Savior, the Word of God is God, a Second God after the...' Quotation about Justin: Justin first apology, 66, Ibid,60 Ibid,67, 68,69. Quotation from Eusebious: The probe of the Gospel by Eusebious ch.30 (SECOND GOD) There are many many references to quote as the above quoted, too many to deal with them. But they are there for whosoever wants to invest the time to it.

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