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Why is this apostolic church so loud?

Submitted: 12/21/2005
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Question: I recently went to an apostolic church in Tennesee and the music was so loud. Do they think people can't here them? I know the Bible says, 'Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.' I believe in that, but I am wondering why. I am full of the Spirit and have been baptized in Jesus name as in Acts 2:38

Answer: We cannot say why the volume was so loud at this particular church. All local assemblies are different and have differing tastes and values. Some like their music loud and others do not. It is impossible to please everyone. If you are looking for a local assembly to to connect with, we suggest the following guidelines for selecting an assembly:

1. Do you sense the presence of God in the meetings?

2. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely love God and one another?

3. Do the people, including those in leadership, seem to genuinely care about you?

4. Is the atmosphere spiritual, joyful, and godly?

5. Is the Bible esteemed as the Word of God and is it taught without compromise?

6. Are the fundamental doctrines clearly biblical?

7. Is there openness and easy access to needed ministry?

8. When you leave the meetings and functions of the assembly, do you feel refreshed, blessed, and edified, or do you feel discouraged and spiritually battered?

We believe that these are some of the really important considerations when it comes to selecting an assembly.