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What do the moon and stars reveal?

Submitted: 12/20/2005
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Question: Does God reveal things to us by way of the moon and stars? Can there be more than one moon in the sky? My mother-in-law claims she is visited by the LORD by way of visions from the moons almost every night. The weird thing is, she does not go to church, but she says she is a Christian. I need help to try to explain it to my husband. I am apostolic, baptized in Jesus name, Holy Ghost filled.

Answer: Genesis 1:14 says that God set the heavenly bodies in the sky to be for signs, seasons, days, and years. This tells us that their primary purpose is to divide day from night and to mark the divisions of time. We also know that God used a star as a heavenly sign to guide the wise men to the baby Jesus. Matthew 24:29-30 tells us that at the end of this age, the heavenly bodies will cease to shine as a sign that the Lord Jesus is about to return to earth.

There is only one moon that revolves around this earth. Other planets have moons, but they are not visible to us the way our moon is. We really cannot say what is going on with your mother-in-law. We do not doubt that God speaks to people by dreams and visions, even to people who are not born again. But we are not sure how this would connect with the moon and stars. We suggest you consult with someone in leadership at your local assembly.