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Comment on mini skirts

Submitted: 7/11/2015
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Question: As a comment on whether mini skirts are immodest or not is dependent on a few things. This is my opinion, of course. I also used to believe the mini skirt was not modest, but have adjusted my belief somewhat. I've seen mini skirts which should not offend many, while I also have seen some that seem blatantly immodest. If these are not overly short, I now have the opinion that they are not so wrong. I also realize 'too short' is a matter of opinion, and that should be taken into thought as well. I am nearing senior age, so some may not agree, but that's OK with me. The girl should be careful though, when deciding to wear a mini skirt.

Answer: You certainly have a right to your own opinion, but you have no Bible verses to support your view. It is therefore nothing more than your opinion. And Romans 12:16 cautions, 'Do not be wise in your own opinion.'