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How do we live godly in a homosexual world?

Submitted: 6/27/2015
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Question: Practically speaking, how do I live and lead my family in an openly homosexual nation so as to ensure that my family and their offspring don't become victims of this agenda? The response to the LGBTG issue given by UPCI General Superintendent David K. Bernard seems inadequate to me and I was wondering if you would offer your assessment on this matter facing our nation. Specifically, Dr Bernard seems to be promoting that college age individuals have friendships with practicing homosexuals. I have college age children and have taught them, as our Pastor says, that you should only be friends with individuals that are doing their dead level best to get you to heaven. Then, I am also feeling that Dr Bernards response is inadequate in that he does not speak much to the need to oppose it. I feel like it is necessary to oppose it if for no other reason than this: The source of the homosexual movement is vehemently pursuing his agenda. Sorry to be so lengthy, but I am looking for a solid Bible based position to adhere to.

Answer: First of all, yesterday's Supreme Court decision, as despicable as it was, did not cause a sudden increase in the number of homosexuals. In America, less than 2% of the population is homosexual. So it's not as though they are all around us. Nevertheless, we need to be careful to not put our children needlessly at risk. Some of my suggestions are:

1. Home educate your children. Keep them out of government run schools. If they go to college, require them to live at home or with another reliable godly family (not on campus).

2. Be an authentic Christian. Be led by the Spirit and teach your children to be led by the Spirit. The Bible says that if we walk in the Spirit, we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh (Galatians 5:16).

3. Place strict limits on the content and amount of any media you and your family watch. This would include TV, videos, or Internet. Media is the primary tool the devil uses to spread corruption in our society.

4. Recognize that we have a responsibility to reach out to all people, regardless of their sins. We should not be afraid of homosexuals, as though if we get too close we might catch what they have. At the same time, we must not become close intimate friends with any unsaved people, including homosexuals. Friendships where there is mutuality should be limited to within the church family. Those outside the church are one-directional friendships where we are befriending them in order to lead them to Jesus, not because we are hoping to gain something from them.

Hope these suggestions will help.