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Questions about divorce?

Submitted: 2/15/2015
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Question: My question is this: I know that the only biblical way one can get a divorce is if the spouse has committed adultery. If a person gets a divorce because just falling out of love, or doesn't want to be married anymore and marries another person is that person in a non-repented sin? They can't repent of that sin unless they divorce the person, and be reconciled with the first spouse. Is this correct? What if the other person has remarried? Can a pastor really marry another person if this has occurred?

Answer: We do not believe that a spouse committing adultery is necessarily a biblical ground for divorce. If someone divorces his spouse because he has 'fallen out of love,' that is a horrible perversion of God's plan for marriage. Marriage is not based on love, it's based on vows. If a divorced person marries another person, then under no circumstances should he divorce his current wife and go back to the former wife. That only makes a bad situation worse. If two persons are married, it is the will of God that they stay married. Their situation may be less than ideal, but they should stay true to their vows.