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Where does submission come from in the Bible?

Submitted: 1/24/2015
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Question: My question is this... Where does submission come from in the bible? and who are we to be in submission with, and it is the same as being under the authority of pastors, leadership of the church? And do we need to be under the authority of them? If so how can we come out from that authority? and does that mean we are not under the protection of God.( The umbrella of God) His covering?

Answer: God established the concept of submission to authority when he told Adam in Genesis 2 what he was allowed to do and what he was not allowed to do. In the Bible, authority is to be exercised in love for the well-being of those under the authority, not merely to control people. Submission is to be given freely and willingly because the person recognizes it's in his best interests. There are different authorities that God has set up: civil authorities in society, fathers/husbands in the home, pastors in the church. For more on authroity in the church, please read our article called 'The Limits of Pastoral Authority,' which can be found in the Apostolic Free Library on Shelf 4.